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The personification of Bra'tac in Teal'c's delusional mind as he sustained himself and his master with a single symbiote following the Ambush of Kresh'ta.

Bray was a retired fireman who was not unfamiliar with the face of danger. He took "T" (Teal'c) under his wing early in the boy's life and had been like a father to him for many years. In the latter half of his life he was faced with a deadly kidney failure. T offered one of his kidneys as a replacement, but it rejected, leaving Bray's future uncertain. This echoed the real-life predicament of Teal'c and his master on the shore of Kresh'ta.

See also: Bra'tac


PLAYED BY - Tony Amendola
FIRST APPEARED - The Changeling


The Changeling - Teal'c, doing his utmost to remain alive for he and Bra'tac's very survival, begins to hallucinate of a man, Bray, who just happens to be the personification of Bra'tac.