Robert Caine

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Civilian previously assigned to Icarus Base, who fled an alien attack with the rest of the base personnel and found himself on the Ancient ship Destiny. When the Destiny crew discovered evidence of an advanced alien civilization, Caine and several others chose to stay behind on the planet (later naming it "Eden"). He believed -- with a sense of religious devotion -- that the aliens would return to the planet and even help them get home to Earth.

Caine was a widower, having lost his wife at some point before he and the rest of the crew evacuated Icarus Base for Destiny.

Several months after Caine and the others stayed behind, T.J. (lying unconscious in the infirmary with a gunshot wound in her abdomen) awoke in a rustic home back on the planet, with Caine suggesting that the aliens (who he had yet to meet) transported her and her baby there so that they could take care of the child, Carmen. Caine appeared to have an even deeper spiritual connection with the advanced race, communicating their intentions to T.J. But it later became clear that T.J. had dreamed the whole thing, probably as a result of Destiny interfacing with her mind and providing her with a way of coping with the loss of her unborn child.

Caine and the others never met the aliens, and did not survive the winter on the planet. The aliens found them as Caine was on the edge of death, and reanimated them and returned them to Destiny. But they could not restore their souls, Caine came to believe, and even their bodies quickly succumbed to the original conditions that killed them. Caine presumably died again, of exposure, despite the fact that he was safe and warm back on the ship. But he remained serene in the face of dying (again), believing that his soul was looking down on this body of his -- nothing but a shadow.


PLAYED BY - Tygh Runyan


Justice - Caine travels to a barren planet with Volker, Lt. James and Airman Rennie, where they find a crashed alien ship.
Space - Caine is on "stone duty" when Colonel Young uses one of the long-range communication stones and finds himself in the body of a hostile alien.
Faith - Caine accompanies a contingent on a 4-week stay on a planet rich in food and water, and opts to stay there when he believes that a race of powerful aliens will find them and help them get home.
Intervention - Lying unconscious from a gunshot wound, T.J. finds herself and her baby back on the planet where Caine and the others were left.
Visitation - Caine and the other settlers return to Destiny, but die shortly thereafter -- revealing that the aliens had tried to reanimate them after they had died of exposure, but didn't know how.