Carmen Johansen

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Infant daughter of Tamara Johansen and Everett Young, who T.J. was convinced for a time had been miraculously saved in utero and taken to an alien world. The child was conceived during an extramarital affair, while T.J. was serving under Colonel Young's command at Icarus Base. She learned she was pregnant only after they ended the relationship -- and after they had become stranded on Destiny.

T.J. was accidentally shot in the abdomen late in her pregnancy, and as she lay in the infirmary found her consciousness -- and Carmen, now a fully-developed newborn -- back on the planet "Eden," where Dr. Caine and other members of the ship's crew had elected to stay behind. Caine told her that the advanced aliens who created that solar system brought her there, in order to save the child and allow them to take care of her. T.J., meanwhile, woke up on Destiny -- uncertain if it was real or only a dream, a way for her subconscious to cope with the loss of the child. When Caine and the others later returned to Destiny they had no knowledge of the baby or the events T.J. believed she experienced, making it evident that the ship itself had gotten into her head and gave her a reason to go on.

In her vision T.J. named her daughter Carmen after the baby's grandmother -- most likely T.J.'s own mother.


FIRST APPEARED: Intervention


Intervention - T.J. loses her baby after she is shot, but is told by Caine that the child survives and will be taken care of on their planet, thanks to the intervention of a highly advanced alien race.
Visitation - When the real Caine and the other residents of "Eden" return to Destiny, T.J. learns that the baby she believed she saw on the planet was never truly saved.