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One of the locations mentioned in Merlin's prophecy where King Arthur and his knights embarked on a quest to seek out the Sangraal, also known as the Bloodstone. The land is a great distance from Camelot. (It is believed he also searched for the device in Sahal and Vagonbrei.)

Though it may have once been inhabited, today the planet has a toxic atmosphere.

The Ancient name for Castiana is Taoth Vaclarush. With a little help from Morgan Le Fay Stargate Command located the planet and sent a team, but were not able to locate the Sangraal there.


HOME TO - Unknown


Camelot - Meurik tells Mitchell and Jackson of Arthur's quest to seek out Castiana, Sahal and Vagonbrei.
The Pegasus Project - SG-1 visits Atlantis to try and find coordinates to Castiana and Sahal, and encounter an ascended Morgan Le Fay.
Insiders - Colonel Carter reports that Castiana has a toxic atmosphere, which is slowing down the S.G.C.'s search of the planet.
The Quest, Part 1 - Daniel and Vala discover that Castiana's gate address is only one part of a puzzle that will lead them to the Sangraal.