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Primitive aborigine Unas from the planet P3X-888. Chaka was rather young and not the Alpha male in his tribe of Unas, until he captured Daniel Jackson to prove to the others he had reached maturity. Daniel interacted with him, learning some rudimentary terms in their language, convincing him that he was worth sparing. In the end, Chaka defended Daniel aggressively, killing, and in the process becoming, the Alpha male of his tribe. Daniel had become Chaka's friend.

About a year later, Chaka's life was forever changed, as he was captured by Burrock and taken from his planet to a world where Unas were being used as slave laborers. Knowing only freedom, he was instrumental in saving the entire population, and reopening wounds in both sides from a war long ago, but not forgotten. He helped the Unas fight back against their oppressors, and eventually to forge a peace with them.


PLAYED BY - Dion Johnstone, Patrick Currie


The First Ones - Chaka captures Daniel Jackson to prove his worth to his tribe, and becomes the alpha male (with a little help from SG-1).
Beast of Burden - Chaka is taken captive by Burrock and put to work on a world where Unas are used as slaves.
Enemy Mine - Daniel seeks Chaka's help in negotiating with a tribe of hostile Unas on a world where Earth wishes to mine naquadah. Chaka has helped forge a peace between the Unas and humans on the world where he is now living.