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Anti-Honduran extremist, working alongside Raphael. Chalo believed the Ancient healing device was cursed, and pled with Raphael to turn it off. Unfortunately, Raphael had begun to experience the revitalization of the device, as did Chalo, and Raphael murdered his subordinate. Chalo's corpse was laid near the healing device, which rejuvenated his dead tissue. What returned to life was more of a psychotic zombie than Chalo himself. Chalo emerged from the hut with a deadly intent to destroy his own former men. Raphael and the others fired upon him, sending him down once more.

It was not long before Chalo returned a third time, his wounds still rejuvenated from the energy of the healing device. Even more of a walking dead creature, he pursued his old group to Dr. Jackson's position in the forest, and began firing. Jack O'Neill attempted to take him down with a P-90, but this was no longer enough to stop the creature. It took Burke's powerful weapon to finally destroy Chalo's resuscitated form.


PLAYED BY - Victor Favrin
FIRST APPEARED - Evolution, Part 1


Evolution, Part 1 - Chalo is part of the team that kidnaps Drs. Jackson and Lee and holds them for ransom.
Evolution, Part 2 - Chalo is murdered by Raphael, and later comes back from the dead by the power of the Ancient healing device.