Chaya Sar

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High priestess of Athar. Chaya lives a good distance from the rest of the people of Proculus. She entertained visitors from the city of Atlantis and possessed an interest in seeing the city (Despite the objections of her abbot, Zarah). While she was at Atlantis she was allowed to access the human computers and learn a great deal about the spiritual beliefs of the peoples of Earth. She found it disturbing that humans, even now, were at war on the Atlantis expedition's home world.

Chaya was taken with Major John Sheppard, who invited her on an evening picnic atop the southwest pier of the city. Meanwhile Dr. Carson Beckett, who had given her a clean bill of health with her medical check-up, believed that she was unnaturally healthy. He reported this to Dr. Elizabeth Weir who authorized Dr. Rodney McKay to discreetly scan her during their first trade meeting.

Rodney himself was responsible for the final deduction. Aside from the fact that he detested her beliefs in Athar, she possessed the Ancient gene and was able to initialize the city's biometric sensor array. But not only did she possess the gene; she herself was an Ancient.

Chaya realized she had stayed on Atlantis too long, and took her non-corporeal form to open the Stargate and travel back to Proculus, where she eradicated two Wraith cruisers and several squadrons of Wraith Darts with her electrical storm.

Later, Sheppard visited her on the surface, where she confessed to being an ascended Ancient. When she was a mortal she had lived on Proculus, but when she ascended she was expected to leave behind all mortal ties. Unfortunately she found it impossible to watch her people suffer under the heel of the Wraith. When their fleet approached she used her mind and destroyed them all. The Others disapproved, and as her punishment she was exiled to the surface in eternal protection of the planet.

She is now only permitted to safeguard her own people. To do otherwise would bring quick action by the Others. This is why she has lived a distance from her people. She cannot die, and can never form attachments. Sheppard's invitation to visit Atlantis reminded her of what loneliness was like. But before he departed she joined with the major in an intimate sharing of one another.


PLAYED BY - Leonor Varela


Sanctuary - Determined to locate the source of the energy wave that destroyed two Wraith Darts, Sheppard's unit lands on Proculus, where they are soon introduced to High Priestess Chaya Sar.