People of Proculus

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Inhabitants of planet Proculus in the Pegasus Galaxy, who live in a perfect serenity, free of diseases or ailments. Injuries, when they do occur, heal quickly. The society possesses a unified belief system in Athar, their divine mother and protector. They do not realize that Athar is a disguise for Chaya Sar, an ascended Ancient who was once banished to this planet, forced to protect its people for eternity.

The people of Proculus did not know of the Wraith until Major John Sheppard and his team arrived. Athar has protected them always, generating an electrical storm high above the planet which decimates their fleets. With their Stargate located in orbit, ground forces have never been a threat.

Several individuals in the society take on the roles of abbots, monks who do the bidding of Chaya Sar, in the name of Athar.


HOMEWORLD - Proculus


Sanctuary - Sheppard's unit travel to Proculus and meet the healthy, happy inhabitants of a world untouched by the Wraith -- hoping to make it the home of others who have been less fortunate.