Crashdown planet

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Planet where one of Destiny's shuttles crash-landed and was lost during a mission to retrieve food and water for the crew. The crash resulted in one fatality: Sgt. Hunter Riley.

The planet is rich in plant life, but its atmosphere is very dangerous to approaching ships. Its atmosphere is subject to a "super-rotation" phenomenon, and it is home to significant volcanic activity. When the shuttle entered the atmosphere it experienced heavy turbulence, followed by a major power loss that resulted in the crash.

The planet was seeded with a Stargate long ago, but over the years the gate became buried (still standing upright) in several feet of rock. As a result it was locked out of Destiny's system, which Nicholas Rush overrode after discovering the ship's bridge. The shuttle crash survivors managed to un-bury the gate with explosives, allowing them to gate back to Destiny (leaving the crashed ship behind).

The planet may have been the same world where several members of the Lucian Alliance were exiled after their attempt to take control of Destiny failed.


HOME TO - Uninhabited


Aftermath - Rush directs Destiny to a planet where the crew can find food and water, but fails to note its atmospheric dangers -- resulting in the crash of the shuttle.