Hunter Riley

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Senior Airman on board Destiny, and an expert in technological matters. Riley was a small-town boy far away from home: he grew up on a farm, and has relatives who have never left their home state. Originally assigned to Icarus Base, Riley's job related to Stargate operations at the facility, including dialing the gate. He was capable of reading the Ancient language and operated systems related to the Stargate aboard Destiny.

He was severely wounded several weeks after the reluctant crew's arrival on the ship, and was recuperating for several weeks. Shortly after his recovery he survived the Lucian Alliance incursion of the ship (suffering a head wound and being temporarily stranded on a barren alien planet). But it was a shuttle crash that finally did him in. Pinned under a collapsed bulkhead after the shuttle crash-landed on a planet, Riley knew that we would not survive. To end his intense pain and help his friends get back to Destiny in time, he asked Colonel Everett Young to end his life.

Riley died on the shuttle floor, smothered by his commanding officer.

Despite his team's dire predicament aboard Destiny, Riley insisted that he had no regrets. It wasn't so much being on the ship that bothered him, but not being home with his loved ones.


PLAYED BY: Haig Sutherland


Air, Part 1 - Riley follows the orders of Colonel Young to dial Earth, but is forced away from his station by Dr. Rush who wants to dial the ninth chevron instead.
Air, Part 2 - Riley recognizes a single eight-symbol address in the Destiny's Stargate database and, through interpreting the Ancient text, believes it to be Earth.
Air, Part 3 - Riley gives his full day's ration of water to Dr. Rush following his return from the lime planet. Darkness - Riley gets an Ancient recharging plate working with Earth devices, but runs afoul of Dr. Rush's bad temper.
Light - Riley, one of the 15 lottery winners, celebrates his 30th birthday aboard a shuttle craft bound for a remote world.
Water - Riley helps conduct the water retrieval mission from the Destiny gate room.
Earth - Under orders from Colonel Telford, Riley is severely injured in a panel explosion while he and Brody effect repairs to the ship's weapons system.
Lost - Having recovered from his injuries, Riley returns to duty, using a kino to document the attempt to rescue Eli, Chloe, and Lt. Scott.
Sabotage - Colonel Young asks Riley to watch the door to the chair interface room after Dr. Franklin sits in the chair to send Destiny back into F.T.L.
Incursion, Part 1 - Riley suffers a head wound during the Lucian Alliance's initial incursion into Destiny, and ends up one of their prisoners.
Incursion, Part 2 - Riley goes down and may be further injured when a hail of gunfire goes off in the Infirmary.
Aftermath - Pinned under a bulkhead when Destiny's shuttle crash-lands and knowing he will not survive, Riley asks Colonel Young to end his life.