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A tribe of humanoid aliens that SG-1 helped return to their ancestors' homeworld after they were freed from slavery to the Goa'uld. The original Enkaran homeworld has no Stargate. It is believed that the Goa'uld took a group of Enkarans from their world in ships long ago.

The Enkarans are humanoid, but their unique physiology makes them extremely sensitive to specific atmospheric conditions. Without the exact environmental conditions the Enkarans go blind and eventually die. Their physiology is adapted to an extremely rare atmosphere which allows them to thrive.

Stargate Command discovered the situation they were in and search for weeks for a suitable planet to resettle them. Eventually they were successful, and the Enkarans immediately took root in their new world, establishing structures and giving thanks to SG-1 for saving them. But only weeks after the new settlements were rooted, a threat from nearby began rumbling through the forests of the beautiful world -- an alien ship apparently intent on terraforming the entire surface of the planet.

Negotiations with Lotan, the life form created by the advanced Gadmeer terraformer to communicate with the Enkarans, failed at first, threatening to wipe out the Enkaran tribes. But with the aid of Daniel Jackson and the rest of SG-1, Lo'tan discovered the location of the original Enkaran homeworld in the ship's memory banks, and agreed to return them. The Enkarans were more than pleased to return to their people.


HOMEWORLD - Enkaran homeworld
FIRST APPEARED - Scorched Earth


Scorched Earth - After weeks of searching for a new planet for the Enkarans, SG-1 discovers that another species is intent on taking up residence on the planet.