Gadmeer terraformer

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A massive vessel, roughly two miles across, capable of transforming the ecosystems of an entire planet to suit the needs of the sulfur-based Gadmeer species. The ship is much more than a terraformer: within it are the genetic records of countless species from the Gadmeer homeworld, as well as records of the race's entire history, art and culture. Upon the extinction of their species, the Gadmeer designed the ship so it could run entirely automated in search of a new homeworld, on which their civilization could be reborn.

In order for the terraformer to settle on a planet, 2,634 parameters had to be positively matched. It originally located the Enkaran homeworld, and would have chosen it, but three factores were incorrect: the core temperature was too warm, the size was too large, and there were intelligent lifeforms present. After scanning several million worlds throughout the universe for the correct specifications, it settled on the world to which SG-1 had settled a colony of Enkarans who had been enslaved by the Goa'uld. The Gadmeer and Enkarans need a very similar base environment because of each species' unique characteristics.

The terraformer launches enormous energy beams at the surface which destroys all the native organisms. Then it releases microbes which penetrate the soil, billowing sulfur dioxide. This is the foundation for the environment that will sustain the Gadmeer. From there, the ship can reintegrate the genetic stores to the surface to begin the rebuilding process. But once it begins the process, it does not have enough raw materials to stop and start again on another world. The computer-controlled vessel can also create an artificial lifeform of a species it analyzes, as it did with the Enkarans. The vessel is also equipped with matter transportation technology.


USED BY - Gadmeer
FIRST APPEARED - Scorched Earth


Scorched Earth - The Gadmeer ship, finally settled on a planet to rebuild its culture, soon discovers that intelligent life-forms -- the Enkarans -- have just settled there.