Farrol Mylan

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Hoffan scientist who first discovered the potential for an antidote from the Wraith feeding process more than a century ago, circa 1850s Earth. Diligently working to protect his people from the slaughter of the cullings, he and his men found a man the Wraith were unable to feed on. Upon further investigation Mylan and his staff discovered a unique protein in this individual's body.

Mylan isolated and perfected the protein. Ten thousand soldiers gave their lives on the surface to give Mylan's people precious hours to conduct experiments on the protein. His research was stored in archives in different vaults on Hoff, so that later generations could continue his work.

Circa the year 2000 Perna picked up on Mylan's original research. She would eventually be successful at completing the prototype for the Hoffan drug, one that would both prevent Wraith from feeding and soon kill them, but one that 50 percent of those injected would die from as well.

Every Hoffan child is taught the last words in Mylan's journals:

"The battle rages at the very threshold of our laboratory now. Those of us working to the last know that these few final hours have been dearly purchased, yet our concentration has not waned. We cannot hope to save ourselves but we can hope that one last insight, one last revelation before we take our dying breaths, may prevent this terrible day from happening again."


Poisoning the Well - Perna tells Dr. Carson Beckett of Farrol Mylan and his endeavor to free the Hoffan people from the plague of the Wraith.