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A civilization of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy whose planet was besieged by the Wraith for many centuries. Their technology was behind Earth's by roughly eighty years. Under the leadership of their Chancellor, Druhin, the Hoffans were a resolute people who preserved their history in enormous vaults staggered in various locations beneath the people's feet. If one is destroyed, their legacy is not lost.

One distinguished Hoffan, Farrol Mylan, discovered and perfected a drug that inhibited the Wraith's ability to feed on a human. Completion of this drug has become the legacy of the Hoffan people for 150 years, and they have reached a point where any sacrifice to finish it is worth making. Despite a 50 percent mortality rate, the Hoffans elected to receive the treatment anyway.

Despite the warnings of Major John Sheppard that creating such a weapon would force the Wraith to eliminate the threat entirely, production proceeded until the prototype itself was injected into all members of the population. Sheppard's warning proved prescient: when the Wraith learned what they were up to they attacked Hoff, leaving the civilization in ruins and scattering the few Hoffan survivors.


FIRST APPEARED - Poisoning the Well


Poisoning the Well - After several days of negotiations with the Hoffan people, Major Sheppard and his team are introduced to the possibility of an anti-Wraith feeding drug the inhabitants have been perfecting.
The Kindred, Part 1 - Sheppard leads a team back to Hoff, where the civilization stands in ruins -- destroyed by the Wraith after they learned about the nature of their research. To make matters worse, the hybrid Michael has seized their work and spread the drug to unsuspecting planets throughout the Pegasus Galaxy.