Galaran memory technology

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Hybrid of Galaran and Goa'uld technology, cannibalized from excavated memory devices. Comprised of node interfaces, a chair interface and a control console, the technology can not only probe an individual's mind, but copy memories for later splicing to another patient.

The civilian plan for the technology would be to make the unit an invaluable educational tool. Years of study and training could be absorbed by a subject in a matter of weeks. The Galaran cabinet and Galaran General Staff planned to use the technology to augment the normal training of Galaran troops to make them more effective soldiers in the battle field.

Six small nodes are attached to the head: two on the forehead, two on the temples, and two past the base of the skull. When wired, a user can review old memories in a controlled sequence, whether reviewing the same memory several times over or playing back a certain memory in slow-motion.

Certain "sign post" memories are more significant than others and can be quicker to access. Similar memories have nearly identical wave patterns directly proportional to the emotions experienced (for instance, if the patient committed murder, the wave patterns and colors would correspond to another murder by the same patient). A memory graft can be most recognized by its edges, identifying where it was applied in the memory. Depending on the scientist who performed the procedure, the edges can be made to be difficult -- or nearly impossible -- to detect.

The technology was developed by Dr. Reya Varrick, Dr. Amuro and Dr. Marell. After more than a year of testing the Galaran government placed the technology on the bargaining table for negotiations with other worlds, including Earth.


Collateral Damage - Colonel Mitchell gets a taste of the Galaran memory technology, unable to believe he possesses memories from someone else's experiences.
Stronghold - Colonel Mitchell, feeling hypocritical, uses the Galaran's memory technology to allow his dying friend a glimpse into the life he missed.
Dominion - Vala submits to having her memories altered in order to fool Adria into thinking she had been betrayed by Earth and left them.