Gate Alliance Treaty

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Treaty signed by the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France and China following a briefing of ambassadors to said countries at the Pentagon, when Supreme Commander Thor pressed his preference to keep Stargate Command in the hands of the U.S. government.

In the original document, the agreement specifies that any knowledge learned from travel to other planets will be openly shared with all signing countries. The wording of the document did not negate military advancements. This may not apply to studies which are in-progress, but the final results.

Some countries under the treaty, particularly China, have argued that the United States military has not fulfilled its promise to disclose all Stargate-gained information and intelligence. This point was driven home when Shen Xiaoyi, China's International Oversight Advisory representative, was firewalled from inspecting -- or even observing -- sensitive areas of Gamma Site.

Other countries beyond those listed may have also signed the treaty, but if this were the case those nations would likely express an interest in the Gamma Site and would have sent I.O.A. representatives of their own when arrangements for inspections were offered.


Disclosure - General George Hammond and Major Paul Davis present information on the Stargate program to international representatives, and with Thor's help convince them to come on board.
The Scourge - Gamma Site is paid a visit by International Oversight Advisory representatives from various countries on the same day R75 breaches containment.