Geldaran airship

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A lighter-than-air craft, built by the Geldarans and based on a design given to them by Rodney McKay when he thought he was playing a game on the Ancient game console. Although primitive by modern Earth standards the airship was steerable. It was propelled by means of a hand-cranked propeller, although Garth, a Geldaran scientist, had high hopes that a steam powered propulsion system he was developing would work.

It was also robust enough to be able to carry a bomb of sufficient power to flatten a village. When the war between the Geldarans and Hallonans began to escalate Garth flew a bomb-laden airship towards Hallonan forces, only to be shot down by a drone fired from John Sheppard's Puddle Jumper.


The Game - Nola and Garth proudly show McKay the plans for their airship. Later Garth bravely pilots his airship on the first ever bombing raid.