Genetic manipulation device

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Device of Ancient design, capable of re-sequencing the genetic makeup of an individual. In the hands of the Goa'uld Nirrti, however, the result of this technology was nothing short of horrific.

Found on P3X-367, the genetic manipulation device can program a detonation timer within the very D.N.A. of a person so at a specific moment their bodies liquefy and explode, as it did with Alebran. It can turn normal human beings into individuals with enhanced psycho-kinetic abilities, as well as mind-reading.

Despite all of this evil, the manipulation device has the ability to reverse the damage it causes, and perform a multitude of other helpful tasks.


Metamorphosis - Nirrti harnesses the power of the genetic manipulation device and mutates all of Alebran's race, as well as several members of the Tau'ri.