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Member of a race that had fallen prey to Nirrti's genetic experiments. Alebran was the last living member of his race who believed Nirrti was behind the atrocities, and that it was not a natural disaster. He had been placed in the genetic manipulation device and sent back to his village, where he found all of his people killed by the false goddess.

The Russian Stargate team found Alebran on his planet, who asked for aid and returned with the team to Earth. There, Alebran explained the situation and shortly after, his body began to liquefy. Begging Dr. Fraiser to kill him, he quickly disintegrated into a pool of liquid.

Alebran's choice to come through the gate and request aid eventually saved his people when SG-1 went back to fix the problem they had started by letting Nirrti leave the base, and continue her experiments, when they could have killed her.


PLAYED BY - Alex Rae
FIRST APPEARED - Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis - Alebran tells Hammond and SG-1 of the atrocities of Nirrti, all thanks to the team letting her go.