Goa'uld ark

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Combination-lock box of Goa'uld design, often used to hold gifts or valuable possessions. The lid of the device requires one to properly align four scarabs, like a combination lock. The box will immediately open, allowing access to the inside. Goa'uld crystals can also be installed at one side of the box to protect the contents and provide an interface point.

Arks are commonly used to conceal a Goa'uld bomb. One such ark was uncovered on Earth by the Nazis during World War II, eventually ending up in the hands of rogue N.I.D. agents in a secret Los Angeles research facility. This box was adorned with a gold motif of the sun god Ra, and likely originally contained a gift to his ally, Sekhmet.

A Goa'uld bomb lies beneath the ark's ornate cover. From "Bad Guys"

The System Lord Baal has been known to give exploding gifts to his enemies. It is very likely he may use arks, or something similar, to conceal such devices.

Another ark was discovered on display in Cicero's museum on P4M-328, and also found to hold a Goa'uld bomb concealed inside.


Resurrection - N.I.D. Agent Barrett reveals a piece of technology among ancient Egyptian artifacts, a Goa'uld ark (originally a gift from Ra) containing a bomb. Teal'c and Dr. Lee manage to open the ark and stop the bomb before it detonates.
Bad Guys - Vala and Mitchell discover a Goa'uld ark as a museum display piece on P4M-328.