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A Goa'uld who at one time was loyal to Ra. It is believed that she was a powerful ally of his, who would routinely be dispatched to rule planets in his stead, halt rebellions, and oversee mass executions. It is believed that she was exiled for plotting against him. It is also believed that she lived on Earth for most of his dynasty.

Many artifacts belonging to Sekhmet fell into the hands of Napoleon and were eventually recovered by the Nazis, including a Goa'uld ark marked with the sign of the Eye of Ra -- and a canopic jar holding the imprisoned symbiote itself. Sekhmet's DNA came into the possession of rogue elements previously associated with the N.I.D., and turned over to scientists operating a secret project in Los Angeles under the unscrupulous Dr. Keffler.

Sekhment's DNA was spliced with human ovum in an attempt to create a Goa'uld-human hybrid, so that Keffler and the rogue N.I.D. could access the being's genetically-passed knowledge. After 45 failures, the essence of Sekhmet was manifested in the body of a young girl named Anna. Nanite acceleration technology from Argos (stored at Area 51) was taken by the scientists and used to accelerate Anna's growth rate. It is likely the symbiote itself is long-dead, though Sekhmet's evil personality was revived in Anna.

Under torture from Keffler, Sekhmet began to surface more and more frequently in the body of Anna -- but she never offered any substantial information. Once, as an attempt at blackmail for more time in control of Anna's body, Sekhmet escaped and killed 32 people in the research facility, then activated a Goa'uld explosive device inside the ark. After SG-1's arrival to investigate the compromised lab, Teal'c and Dr. Bill Lee managed to deactivate the device.

It is likely that the last remnants of Sekhmet died when Anna killed herself with Keffler's fail-safe device, which released a deady toxin into her body.


PLAYED BY - Kristen Dalton
FIRST APPEARED - Resurrection


Resurrection - Sekhmet emerges from within the mind of Anna, offering nothing to those who have captured and recreated her.