Hank Landry

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The commander of the S.G.C. following Jack O'Neill was Major General Henry "Hank" Landry, a straight-talking and get-to-the-point military leader. Landry took over the position when General O'Neill moved on to Homeworld Command, around the time that SG-1 disbanded and its members moved on to new assignments. General Landry is impressed with how efficient the S.G.C. is and how good everyone is at the their jobs -- something he almost regrets because he likes yelling at the officers who report to him.

The General reports to the head of Homeworld Security and to the President. As the head of Stargate Command Landry is responsible for sending over 20 SG teams through the gate, and participating in diplomatic relations with other worlds. Among the first he met with was Gerak, head of the young Free Jaffa Nation.

Landry is a personal friend of General O'Neill. The two got together for a beer and a game of chess when Jack returned to Colorado Springs. He has at least one daughter, Carolyn Lam, who he says that she hasn't listened to him since she was 12. Landry's relationship with Carolyn was greatly improved when she came to Stargate Command to serve as the base's chief medical officer. After two years, and with her help, Hank even began to make peace with his ex-wife, Kim Lam.


PLAYED BY: Beau Bridges
FIRST APPEARED: Avalon, Part 1


Avalon, Part 1 - Colonel Mitchell arrives at the S.G.C. and reports to its new commander, General Hank Landry.
Origin - Landry welcomes the Jaffa leader Gerak to Earth, expressing his desire that their peoples work together to prevent chaos from filling the void left by the Goa'uld.
The Ties That Bind - Landry must travel to Washington, D.C. to defend the continued funding of the Stargate program.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - Landry confronts an Ori Prior face-to-face, and is striken with the same disease that is now pandemic on Earth.
Uninvited - A pleasure trip to Jack's cabin turns into a hunt for a ravenous creature in the forest for Landry and Colonel Mitchell.
The Road Not Taken - In a parallel universe visited by Samantha Carter, Landry is the President of the United States -- who refuses to let her return home.
Family Ties - Having started to patch things up with his daughter Carolyn, Hank consents to having dinner with her and his ex-wife.
Unending - Trapped on board the Odyssey with SG-1 for 50 years, Landry lives out the rest of his days and dies ... until Carter finds a way to reverse the time dilation field and return things to normal.