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A powerful and influential Jaffa, Gerak was the first leader of the new Free Jaffa Nation. He was formerly the First Prime of Montu, a minor Goa'uld who once served Ra and later fell in with Baal when Ra was killed.

Following a motion from Gerak, the Jaffa High Council voted to determine the leadership of the nation based on military assets rather than democracy, making Gerak -- who controls the largest military following the collapse of the Goa'uld empire -- its leader. Some among the Jaffa, including Rak'nor, believed that Gerak was simply power-hungry. A faction led by Teal'c and Bra'tac opposed Gerak's way of doing things, and continued to push for a Jaffa nation governed by democracy. Teal'c suggested that the council played into Gerak's hands through a number of slow and careful manipulations on his part.

Shortly after his appointment as the leader of the Free Jaffa, Gerak and the Jaffa Yat'Yir paid a visit to Stargate Command and met with General Hank Landry. Landry argued for the importance of working together to prevent the void left by the Goa'uld from being filled with chaos.

Gerak was a stern and serious warrior, an elder statesman who strongly opposed those who would deceive others by playing gods. Despite his political disagreements with Teal'c, this immediately placed him at odds with the Ori Priors, and on the side of Earth. However, Gerak believed that ascension was the ultimate end and began to research Origin for the greater good of his people. He eventually came to the conclusion that all Jaffa would be saved by bowing to the Ori.


Gerak, now a Prior, arrives at the S.G.C. from "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2"The Ori took advantage of his allegiance and hoped to use him to begin to seep their ways into Jaffa culture. When they realized Gerak would not willingly destroy members of his own kind for refusing Origin, Priors brought his essence to their city on Celestis. Here, Gerak was transformed into a Prior, where Jaffa politics and right and wrong would no longer interfere with the will of the Ori.

With Teal'c reminding him of his loyalties, Gerak overcame the treachery of the Ori and traveled to Earth, using his powers to heal Stargate Command of the Prior plague. In consequence for his defiance, the Ori's built in kill-switch (in case he ever turned) was set off, turning Gerak's body into a ball of fire and killing him. His sacrifice was not in vain, as his final act allowed a vaccine to be created which cured all of Earth from the plague.


PLAYED BY - Louis Gossett, Jr.


Avalon, Part 2 - Rak'nor tells Teal'c that, as the Jaffa who controls the most military assets, Gerak has been made the new leader of the Jaffa Nation.
Origin - Gerak visits Stargate Command and meets General Landry, and confronts a Prior of the Ori who has also arrived.
Beachhead - Tentatively sided with Earth’s forces, Gerak leads a fleet of Ha’tak in the hopes of preventing the Ori from gaining a foothold in the Milky Way.
Ex Deus Machina - Gerak captures Baal and kills him, not realizing that the Baal he has just destroyed is likely a clone.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 - Taken with the Ori and their offer of ascension, Gerak’s refusal to aid in the massacre of innocent Jaffa force him into becoming a Prior.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - Now a Prior, Gerak gives his life when Teal'c convinces him to save his people rather than force them into submission under Ori rule. Gerak travels to Earth, cures the S.G.C. of the Prior plague, and is killed in consequence.