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Enkaran leader of a prominent village, rescued by SG-1 from a Goa'uld who had enslaved her people. Hedrezar was overwhelmed by the aid of SG-1 who had managed to procure an adequate new home world for them, and thanked the team profusely by inviting them to a vast feast in their honor along with the rest of the inhabitants of her village.

Hedrezar praised SG-1 and Jack O'Neill in particular by promising to name her unborn grandchild after him. She continued to comment on the ingenuity of her people, saying they would have the entire world transformed by the next season.

Not long after, her life and those of her people were threatened by the presence of an alien ship hovering nearby, eating up every sign of recognizable life. Hedrezar was rightfully distressed and again called on the aid of SG-1, this time to remove the ship from her planet. When negotiations failed, Hedrezar feared for the lives of her family and people, including her unborn grandchild.

When Hedrezar heard that Lotan, the Enkaran envoy of the Gadmeer, promised to return the people to the original Enkaran homeworld, she was overwhelmed with joy, and invited Lotan to remain with them after they arrived.


PLAYED BY - Marilyn Norry
FIRST APPEARED - Scorched Earth


Scorched Earth - Hedrezar invites SG-1 to a state dinner in their honor for finding a suitable planet for them, but is forced to request their aid once more when an enormous alien ship begins swallowing up the planet's life nearby.