Henry Hayes

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President of the United States, elected in 2004. On his first day as commander in chief he was briefed regarding Stargate Command. He is an old acquaintance of George Hammond. Hayes first found the notion of an alien transportation device capable of sending American soldiers clear across the galaxy to be ridiculous -- but soon learned that it is all true when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Francis Maynard, handed him the files on the S.G.C. and the Stargate itself. The President's life would never be the same.

Hayes' running mate, once Senator then Vice President Robert Kinsey, joined the President's briefing in order to convince him that General Hammond and his team must be replaced immediately. After hearing hours of arguments from Kinsey, Maynard, and N.I.D. Agent Richard Woolsey, Hayes agreed to replace Hammond and revamp the program -- but Kinsey would not gain control. Instead, he put a friendly, civilian face on the Stargate program by appointing Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a well-known delegate to the United Nations.

The President convinced Weir she was the right person for the job, arguing that it would be better for the program to have a less military face when it eventually goes public. Within three days of her arrival, Hayes demanded Kinsey's resignation because of his attempts to subvert Weir's authority in the midst of an attack on Earth by Anubis. Hayes had recently received proof of Kinsey's illegal activity with the rogue N.I.D. from Woolsey, which he used to force his Vice President out of office -- despite the fact that Kinsey brought key financing to their campaign, and is known to still have ties to very powerful people. Upon his departure, Kinsey threatened that the President would "only live to regret this."

A confident and brave leader, Hayes calmly stared down a holographic projection of Anubis that appeared in the Oval Office prior to the Goa'uld's assault on Earth. Hayes invited him to surrender. This, of course, was a bluff, and Anubis did not back down. The President also reassigned George Hammond to command the Prometheus, which aided in fending off the Goa'uld fleet while SG-1 discovered and launched a powerful Ancient super-weapon.

During his tenure President Hayes has remained an advocate of the Stargate program, endorsing the appointment of Jack O'Neill as base commander upon Weir's departure to oversee the Atlantus outpost research project and the Atlantis expedition.


PLAYED BY: William Devane
FIRST APPEARED: Inauguration


Inauguration - Newly elected President Henry Hayes is told of the Stargate program on his first morning as the new leader of the United States -- and receives disturbing information about his right-hand man, Robert Kinsey.
Lost City, Part 1 - Hayes calls Hammond to his side to invite him to work in Washington until the crisis of Anubis is laid to rest.
Lost City, Part 2 - Hayes confronts Anubis face to face, and orders Hammond to the Prometheus to fend off the Goa'uld invasion.
Zero Hour - General O'Neill faces unending catastrophes at the S.G.C. as he tries to prepare for President Hayes' visit and endorsement.
Stargate: Continuum - After Baal alters the timeline, President Hayes turns to Mitchell, Carter, and Jackson for help when the Goa'uld invade Earth.