Robert Kinsey

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A former United States Senator and Vice President, Robert Kinsey has been an opponent of the S.G.C. since its first year of operation. Senator Kinsey first came to the S.G.C. as the program neared its 1-year anniversary. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee he questioned General George Hammond and SG-1 about the organization's activities and progress, forcing them to justify the program's $7 billion annual budget.

In fact, Kinsey had already made up his mind. He believes that the Stargate is a Pandora's Box that should have never been opened. He opposes the Stargate program -- and tried to shut it down. If it is to be used, he believes it should be used to Earth's advantage -- no matter the costs or ethical concerns.

Because of these opinions, Kinsey has been linked to an unscrupulous, rogue arm of the N.I.D., which has stolen advanced technology from other worlds, and the leaders of which have tried to seize control of the S.G.C. on numerous occasions. When N.I.D. Agent Malcolm Barrett was charged with the mission to expose the rogue arm, he blackmailed Kinsey for information that finally led to the downfall of several of the group's powerful leaders, businessmen who called themselves "The Committee."

Soon thereafter the U.S. government disclosed the existence of the Stargate program to a select few other world governments. Kinsey was present and moved to have them push the U.S. to take the Stargate out of the hands of the Air Force and give it to the civilian-run N.I.D. -- knowing that in the Senate he himself was soon to be made chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Committee, giving him a direct line of influence over the N.I.D.

Kinsey has had very serious aspirations to become President of the United States, and believes that Jack O'Neill is on a personal mission to stop him. In fact, Kinsey was elected President in an alternate future -- which SG-1 avoided by altering the past. His ultimate goal is not just political power, but power over the Stargate and how it is used. He won nomination to Henry Hayes's presidential ticket in 2004 when he brought key financing from his shadowy associates, and was elected Vice President -- only to have Hayes force him to resign within weeks when Kinsey tried to seize control of the S.G.C.

After a lifetime of public service Kinsey is taken as a Goa'uld host and turned against Earth. From "Full Alert"

A short while after Jack O'Neill was promoted to General and given command of the S.G.C. Kinsey turned up at his home, warning that The Trust was trying to take control of sections of the Russian military. Wearing a wire, Kinsey went to a meeting with his former associates, only to be beamed up to a cloaked Al'kesh. Daniel Jackson travels to Russia where he found a Goa'uld-infested Kinsey in a military detention center, accused of attempting to assassinate a Russian general. The two were then transported up to the Prometheus, where the Goa'uld was interrogated.

Fearing that Kinsey would reveal information, Trust operatives on board the cloaked Al'kesh attacked Prometheus and Kinsey used the confusion to escape by ring transporter. He killed Jennings and, presumably, transported back to Earth. But his current whereabouts are unknown.


PLAYED BY - Ronny Cox (web site)


Politics - After listening to SG-1 recount their adventures from the first year of the program, Senator Kinsey withdraws funding from the program and orders the S.G.C. shut down, and the gate sealed.
Chain Reaction - Jack and Maybourne visit Kinsey at his home, exposing his involvement in the rogue N.I.D. conspiracy and threatening to expose him if he does not get General Hammond reinstated as commander of the S.G.C.
2010 - Ten years in the future, Kinsey has been elected President of the United States after negotiating a treaty with the advanced Aschen. But SG-1 alters history to prevent their meeting, and Kinsey's future remains uncertain.
2001 - When SG-1 encounters the Aschen in the new timeline, Kinsey moves to further his political career by being at the center of negotiations -- even keeping Colonel O'Neill from visiting the White House to voice his concerns about the Aschen.
Smoke and Mirrors - A rogue N.I.D. agent attempts to assassinate Kinsey, who is helping Malcolm Barrett expose their shadow leadership. Kinsey survives, and awakens from a coma to spin the event to his political advantage.
Disclosure - When General Hammond discloses the existence of aliens and the Stargate to several major world governments, Kinsey tries to influence them to demand that the program be handed over to the civilian N.I.D. -- under his command.
Heroes, Part 1 - Kinsey visits the S.G.C. and contributes to the video documentary, though even he is less than cooperative with Mr. Bregman.
Inauguration - Kinsey and N.I.D. Agent Woolsey arrive in the Oval Office to mount pressure on President Hayes in the hopes of removing SG-1 and Hammond from power at the S.G.C.
Lost City, Part 1 - Kinsey introduces Dr. Elizabeth Weir to the Stargate program and travels to Stargate Command to hear Master Bra'tac in person, hoping to manipulate the new base commander to gain control the facility himself.
Lost City, Part 2 - Kinsey attempts to get through the Stargate to escape Anubis's attack on Earth, but President Hayes demands his resignation when he attempts to seize control of the S.G.C.
Covenant - Carter confirms to Alec Colson that Kinsey has, indeed, stepped down from the vice presidency.
Full Alert - A Goa'ulded Kinsey becomes central to an attempt by the System Lords to start World War III.