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Noble leader of the Hak'tyl resistance, based on the planet Hak'tyl. As a temple high priestess in the service of the Goa'uld Moloc, part of Ishta's role was to keep record of births and preside over the Ceremony of Fire -- a rite in which all newborn girls were murdered at Moloc's decree. Her conscience weighing on her, she could not sit back and watch her sisters be murdered. She is allowed relatively free access to the Stargate and the worlds under Moloc's rule, allowing her opportunity to begin a secret resistance movement among her fellow Jaffa women.

For fear that she may be reported to the Imperial Guard, Ishta has grown accustomed to spiriting young girls away from Moloc's banner so that they are not sacrificed. Her husband was a warrior of high standing in Moloc's Imperial Guard, but was killed in battle against a rival Goa'uld.

Ishta was eager to propose an alliance with the Tau'ri of Earth. Upon meeting them, she found a kindred spirit and equally capable warrior in Teal'c and soon became romantically involved with him. At first she was reluctant to accept their offer to take tretonin instead of stealing symbiotes (and killing other Jaffa in order to obtain them), but Ishta came to realize the importance in this and accepted their offer.

Despite a conflict with Teal'c over proper long-term strategy, Ishta eventually saw her great wish realized with the death of Moloc. As Baal prepared to absorb the Goa'uld's territory, Ishta returned home to continue leading her people.


PLAYED BY - Jolene Blalock


Birthright - Ishta forms an alliance with Earth and learns of the drug tretonin, which could counteract her people's dependence on Goa'uld symbiotes.
Sacrifices - Ishta and Teal'c conflict over how to fight the Goa'uld when she and the Hak'tyl plot to take out Moloc once and for all.