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Goa'uld who controlled several planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Moloc once decreed only male children born in his domain would be allowed to live, as only they would be able to lead his warriors to victory in the wars against his enemies. All female children were to be killed in the Ceremony of Fire.

According to Ishta, Moloc's high priestess, he was powerful and his armies were vast. Ishta established the Hak'tyl resistance behind his back, sparing as many female Jaffa from the flames as possible.

Moloc eventually learned of Ishta's duplicity and traveled to the new Hak'tyl planet to punish her. With the help of Teal'c and Aron, Stargate Command targeted Moloc's forces with missiles dispatched from Earth, annihilating the false god and freeing the Hak'tyl people from his persecution.


PLAYED BY - Royston Innes


Birthright - Ishta and her people tell of the evil Moloc, who now orders the sacrifice of all female Jaffa children.
Sacrifices - Moloc himself arrives to put an end to Ishta's duplicity, but instead meets his own end via Earth missiles.