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Chief medical officer at Stargate Command for its first seven years, Janet Fraiser's expertise and bedside manner made her an invaluable member of the program. She was a specialist in rare and exotic diseases, and fully capable of performing autopsies when the need arose. With her access to Teal'c's larval Goa'uld, Fraiser was probably the most experienced person on Earth when it comes to treating and maintaining Goa'uld symbiotes. After seven years of service to the program, she was killed on a mission off-world.

Dr. Fraiser was not afraid to use her position as chief medical officer to prevent superior officers from getting away with anything that will be detrimental to their health. On more than one occasion she pulled SG units from active duty to recuperate, and was not afraid to put even Colonel O'Neill in his place.

After a terrible Goa'uld experiment wiped out the entire population of Hanka, Fraiser took the one remaining survivor, an 11-year-old girl named Cassandra, under her wing. She adopted her and raised Cassie as her own daughter, putting up with all of the culture shocks and heartaches of growing up.

Sometime between marriage and divorce, Janet joined the military. She once had training in firearms, but didn't actually put it to use until the Goa'uld queen Hathor took control of the base, and all of its men. Fraiser and the rest of the base's women regained control of the S.G.C., earning her an official commendation.

Fraiser was known to go to the extremes when trying to save the lives of patients, including her daughter. When the Goa'uld Nirrti was sitting in a holding cell, withholding vital information to cure Cassandra of a genetic illness, Fraiser tranquilized the guard on duty and pointed a gun at the Goa'uld, demanding she save Cassandra. In the end, this saved Cassie's life and the actions were not charged against her record.

Janet suffered from severe allergies and took anti-histamines to abate the problem. This was once crucial in curing a disease that had plagued the S.G.C., turning many of the officers into Neanderthals.

Fraiser made occasional house calls off-world, and was regarded as a valuable friend to the members of SG-1 and many others on the base. For a time she also maintained an office at the nearby Air Force hospital, and was particularly close friends with Samantha Carter. She died in the line of duty when a Jaffa in the service of Anubis shot her in the chest as she attended to a wounded member of SG-13, Senior Airman Simon Wells, on P3X-666. A memorial service was held in the gate room at Stargate Command, where Carter honored her memory with a list of those whose lives Dr. Fraiser had saved. Wells and his wife, Marci, named their newborn daughter Janet after her.


PLAYED BY - Teryl Rothery (web site)
FIRST APPEARED - The Broca Divide


The Broca Divide - Fraiser helps discover a mysterious illness that has plagued the S.G.C., as well as the cure.
Hathor - Fraiser, along with the rest of the women within the S.G.C., prevent Hathor from taking over the base, and Earth. Singularity - After a lone survivor is discovered from the planet Hanka, Fraiser takes the girl as her own, not before discovering a naquadah bomb within the child's chest.
Serpent's Song - Fraiser, against the opinions of many other members of Stargate Command, tries to keep Apophis alive. His injuries, however, are far too severe.
Foothold - Fraiser becomes one of the members of the S.G.C. who are copied and replaced by mimetic aliens attempting to subvert the government.
Upgrades - Fraiser strongly protests against the tests being conducted on SG-1 by the Tok'ra Anise using advanced armbands that increase the strength and speed of the user.
2010 - In an averted future, Fraiser and Carter discover a deadly vaccine integrated into the human genome, causing 90 percent of the population to go sterile.
Threshold - Dr. Fraiser is ordered to abandon her better judgment to save Teal'c, who must be allowed to come near death in order to be freed from Apophis's mind control -- the Rite of Malshuraan.
The Fifth Man - To discover the reason for SG-1's inexplicable false memories and help save Colonel O'Neill, Dr. Fraiser uses herself as a test subject and discovers the astonishing properties of a chemical secreted by the Reole.
Rite of Passage - Fraiser resorts to aggressive tactics to save the life of Cassandra, who has come under a deadly phase in her development.
Meridian - Janet faces the death of Daniel Jackson due to severe radiation exposure, and is powerless to do anything to help her friend.
Frozen - Fraiser joins SG-1 on a trip to a base in the Antarctic, where an ancient, human-like being has been found buried in the ice -- and still alive. But when a mysterious disease threatens everyone, Fraiser faces her inability to do anything about it.
Allegiance - Janet joins SG-1 at Earth's Alpha Site, where her medical skills help save Tok'ra refugees -- and where her forensic skills must help catch an invisible killer.
Prophecy - Fraiser fights to save the life of Jonas Quinn, who has developed a unique brain tumor that gives him the ability to see into the future.
Lifeboat - Fraiser's limits are tested as she must contend with as many as a dozen consciousnesses trapped within Daniel Jackson's mind.
Heroes, Part 1 - After the interview with the video documentary crew Fraiser shares a light meal with Emmett Bregman, only to be called away to the ready room for a mission.
Heroes, Part 2 - Fraiser travels to P3X-666 and stems the bleeding on Simon Wells' wounds. She saves his life, but is shot in the chest by a Jaffa and killed.
Ripple Effect - When a bridge in the metaverse is formed an alternate reality Dr. Fraiser arrives at Stargate Command, two years after her death.