Simon Wells

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Senior Airman in the United States military, assigned to SG-13 under the command of Colonel Dave Dixon. On a standard reconnaissance mission to planet P3X-666, Wells was on patrol with teammate Bosworth when he was shot in the back by a Jaffa. Bosworth remained at his side until help arrived in the form of Drs. Janet Fraiser and Daniel Jackson, who began to tend to his injury.

Fearing that his death was near, Wells asked that Jackson video tape a final farewell to his wife, Marci. Jackson agreed, but the intense pain was too much, and Wells was unable to finish the message. After stemming his bleeding, Fraiser was shot in the chest by a Jaffa staff weapon and killed. Wells was returned to the S.G.C., where he was bed-ridden for two weeks and later home-bound with a cane. But thanks to Fraiser's bravery, he survived the ordeal.

Wells had expected a baby boy, but was surprised by the arrival of a girl, whom he and his wife named Janet in honor of the fallen physician who had so heroically preserved his life.


PLAYED BY - Julius Chapple
FIRST APPEARED - Heroes, Part 1


Heroes, Part 1 - Wells travels to P3X-666 with his team and discovers a hostile Goa'uld reconnaissance drone, later followed by a group of Jaffa who shoot him in the back.
Heroes, Part 2 - Wells' wounds are tended to by Drs. Fraiser and Jackson, who save his life and allow him to go home and meet his baby girl, Janet.