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For the Tok'ra who briefly possessed Jack O'Neill, see Kanan


Athosian man, one of the few of his race who possess the gift of Wraith DNA. Kanaan is the partner of Teyla Emmagan and is the father of Torren Emmagan.

Kanaan and Teyla were childhood friends, and as adults the two began to develop a romance. They soon fell in love and conceived a child, but before Teyla could tell him Kanaan and the rest of the Athosians were abducted from their new settlement on New Athos by Michael.

Shortly after fathering Torren, Michael imprisoned the Athosian people in a secret base. He discovered Kanaan's gift, transformed him into a hybrid, and made him one of Michael's highest lieutenants.

Despite his transformation, Kanaan was still responsive to Teyla, and eventually helped her escape along with his newborn son. With the help of Jennifer Keller, Kanaan eventually reverted back to his former self. After this the family resided together in Atlantis.


PLAYED BY - Patrick Sabongui
FIRST APPEARED - The Kindred, Part 1


Missing - Teyla reveals Kanaan's name to Jennifer Keller, after he and the rest of the Athosians are captured by the Wraith.
The Kindred, Part 1 - Captured by Michael, Teyla finds Kanaan only to learn that he has been turned into a hybrid.
The Kindred, Part 2 - Teyla pleads with Kanaan to help her escape, and begins to get through to him. But Michael's constant presence prevents them from making a run for it.
The Last Man - Kanaan serves Michael in an alternate future, where the Wraith and his hybrids take over the galaxy.
Search and Rescue - Kanaan aids in the escape from Michael's Wraith cruiser.
The Seed - Teyla reports that Kanaan is doing well, having been fully restored thanks to Dr. Beckett's retrovirus.
Broken Ties - His hybrid DNA stripped from his body, Kanaan enjoys a life of relative peace with Teyla and Torren on Atlantis.