Torren Emmagan

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Son of Athosians Teyla Emmagan and Kanaan. Torren John Emmagan is named after his grandfather, Tagan, and his mother's dear friend, John Sheppard.

Torren is the offspring of two Athosians who possess the gift of Wraith DNA, which was passed along to him. This fact placed his life in jeopardy before he was even born. The Wraith hybrid Michael wished to seize this power by taking the baby for himself and studying the child for ways to enhance his army of hybrids.

Torren was born with the aid of Dr. Rodney McKay aboard one of Michael's cruisers, and later escaped with aid from Colonel Sheppard. His father, once a hybrid, underwent treatment to have the procedure reversed. The family of three presently reside in Atlantis.


PLAYED BY - Annalise MacCulloch
FIRST APPEARED - Search and Rescue


Search and Rescue - Torren is born to Teyla and Kanaan.
Broken Ties - As Torren's father returns to Atlantis to join the family, Teyla weighs whether or not to rejoin Sheppard's team in the field.
The Prodigal - Michael returns to Atlantis to take Torren and destroy the city, but the hybrid's plan backfires and he is believed killed.