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A former Genii spy and lieutenant of Aiden Ford and member of his coalition. Like all of Ford's followers, Kanayo willingly became addicted to the Wraith enzyme. He was working at an inn when Ford crossed his path, asking for a room to spend the night. Aiden told him of the enzyme, and Kanayo became intrigued enough to give it a try.

Since that time, Kanayo has disbanded from the Genii; they are aware of his dissent. Kanayo led a strike force to overtake a Genii safe house and recover C4 previously traded to them from Atlantis to use in an attack on a Wraith hive ship. He later accompanied Ford on a joint strike mission with John Sheppard's unit. But while on the ship the team was captured and imprisoned.

Without additional doses of enzyme for himself, Kanayo eventually went into shock and died.


PLAYED BY - Aaron Abrams


The Lost Boys - Kanayo brings Sheppard and Teyla along on a mission to invade a Genii safehouse to capture C4.
The Hive - Imprisoned aboard a Wraith hive ship with Ronon and Teyla, Kanayo dies due the absence of enzyme in his body.