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Formerly a member of the people of Jebanna, taken because of her beauty and turned into a host. Kendra said she was once a beautiful child, meaning she was cursed on her home world. A Goa'uld eventually possessed her, torturing her from within.

Kendra continued to fight the Goa'uld, whispering secrets of a world called Cimmeria, and that it would hold great treasures for one willing to take a risk and travel there. Kendra was successful, as the Goa'uld eventually journeyed to Cimmeria. She hoped for a quick death; however she did not receive one. The Goa'uld wandered through the catacombs beneath the surface of Cimmeria, eventually giving into its fate by trying to escape through the Hammer device.

Kendra was free. She made herself a home with the Cimmerians and offered praise to Thor for what he had done for her, vowing to lay down her life to do his bidding. She utilized the healing device to heal locals who had injured themselves, though many regarded her as a Witch doctor for using such magical devices.

When Heru'ur heard of the destruction of Thor's Hammer, he arrived in ships to take Cimmeria for himself. It is likely that Kendra died at this time, as her dear friend Gairwyn expressed how she was repaid with her death after the Cimmerian village was destroyed, more than half the population killed.


PLAYED BY - Galyn Görg
FIRST APPEARED - Thor's Hammer


Thor's Hammer - Kendra guides Dr. Jackson and Captain Carter across Cimmeria to the exit point of Thor's Hammer, prepared to face her deepest fear by returning into the tunnels.
Thor's Chariot - SG-1 learns Kendra has died.