Kyle Rogers

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Human from an unknown world, recruited into Apophis's army of Human soldiers. His real name is Rophiapgisy. Rogers led the human contingent, masquerading as Tau'ri personnel to one-day infiltrate Earth. His second, "Captain Nelson," whose actual name was Novar, operated the Jaffa personnel during battle matches.

Rogers' standing orders were to perform battle drills until the return of his lord, Apophis, whom had been believed defeated at the hands of Sokar. When SG-1 arrived on the scene he believed them to be several Jaffa masters checking in on the recruits, and that they provided the newest test. After Jack O'Neill had cancelled all further battle matches on account of rain, Rogers continued the drills. He was later struck by fire from Teal'c's actual staff weapon which had been swapped for a non-lethal intar, and believed it to be the sign that the "Final Challenge" had come.

SG-1 convinced Rogers that they needed to bring him back through the Stargate to see Apophis and offer him as proof that the Final Challenge had commenced. In reality he was returned to Earth, and immediately became aware of their subterfuge. He refused to eat and repeatedly cursed the medical staff.

After persuasion from Colonel O'Neill, Rogers ate and viewed a video showing Apophis's last moments of pain before death. He then realized the error of his ways, and pleaded with General Hammond to return through the Stargate and save his troops. Rogers, along with the rest of SG-1, donned camouflage and returned to the planet, where he got his first real taste of a Tau'ri command structure under O'Neill. They were successful in reaching the rest of the "Jaffa" and "S.G." forces by using vocuum to present Apophis's same message to the forces. Rogers turned to Nelson, telling him it was time to return home.


PLAYED BY - Aaron Craven
FIRST APPEARED - Rules of Engagement


Rules of Engagement - Kyle Rogers allows SG-1 to inspect his troops, not realizing they were not sent by Apophis to assess their status.