Ladon Radim

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Soldier in the Genii military, member of Commander Acastus Kolya's initial strike force to seize the city of Atlantis for his people. He was a quick study, and soon had a rudimentary understanding of Atlantis's sensor array. His attempts to guide the Genii soldiers through the city in pursuit of John Sheppard ultimately proved fruitless, as the Major used superior tactics to corral and kill Kolya's forces.

Ladon barely made it out of Atlantis alive, dodging most of the weapons fire from Sheppard and his reinforcements before stumbling through the Stargate to safety.

He proved an ambitious young officer, eventually hatching a daring and duplicitous plan to overthrow Cowen and take control of the Genii leadership. His plan was successful, making Ladon the new leader of the Genii. He then stretched out his hand in friendship to the Atlantis expedition -- though they were never sure how far they could trust their new ally.


PLAYED BY - Ryan Robbins


The Storm - Ladon joins Commander Kolya's strike force in their raid on the city of Atlantis in the name of the Genii.
The Eye - Ladon and Kolya barely evacuate the city before a giant tsunami strikes Atlantis.
Coup D'etat - Ladon Radim executes a bold take-over of the Genii, killing Cowen.
Common Ground - Ladon visits Atlantis in the hopes of showing his desire for a peaceful alliance, but Commander Kolya demands that he be handed over as a traitor.