Acastus Kolya

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Commander in the Genii military, commissioned by Chief Cowen to train an elite group of soldiers whose specialty was to perform in reconnaissance missions off-world. Kolya's team was prematurely thrust into a strike on the city of Atlantis when most of the population had evacuated to avoid a massive hurricane.

Kolya used his people's ties with the Manarians to acquire a drunken Athosian's G.D.O. and access codes. Then he lead more than half a dozen men into Atlantis, killed two guards, and staked the Genii flag in the command tower.

When Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Dr. Rodney McKay returned to the Gate Room to investigate the incoming "injured" Kolya captured them and tortured McKay until he explained the reason why several scientists remained behind (with the hope that they would devise a plan to save the city).

While Major John Sheppard played cat and mouse with his strike force and the power grid, Kolya forced McKay and Weir to manually reroute power to Grounding Station Three, which contained the only grounding rod that had not been severed, allowing lightning to charge the Atlantis shield. It was during this time that a large number of Genii reinforcements were prevented from arriving and enhancing the established forces by Sheppard's activation of the Stargate shield. Kolya lost his friend Athor's son, Idos, among these reinforcements.

Kolya attempts to take Weir through the Stargate. From "The Eye."

When McKay admitted that his attempts to save the city were not going to work, and that a massive tsunami was going to destroy the city, Kolya and Ladon Radim successfully evacuated through the Stargate. The Commander attempted to take Dr. Weir as a single trophy from the event, but Sheppard used his P90 to fire a single shot into his shoulder. The jolt thrust Kolya back through the event horizon, leaving Dr. Weir on Atlantis and unharmed.

Kolya and Sheppard renewed their enmity again when Sheppard and his team attempt to find a Z.P.M. hidden by the Brotherhood.

Kolya gets the drop on the team. From "The Brotherhood."

While searching for pieces of a puzzle that will give access to the Ancient power source, Kolya and his force ambush them. Outgunned, the team are forced to comply. When all nine pieces of the puzzle are fitted together Kolya has Pranos, one of his men, activate the device that will reveal the Z.P.M., only to see the man killed by hidden poisoned spikes. Rather than risk any more of his men Kolya tells the Atlantis team that they will be the next ones to try.

Fortunately for Sheppard he figures out the answer to the puzzle and the Z.P.M. comes out of a hidden compartment in the wall. As it does so Lieutenant Ford sets off a hidden stun grenade and in the confusion Kolya and his men are overpowered and the Atlantis team escape with the Z.P.M., only to lose it to the Daganians.

Despite Ladon Radim's earlier suspicion that Cowan had probably had Kolya murdered to remove a threat to his power, The missing Commander reappeared some time later to spring a trap on Sheppard and his team. Using a stolen code he lured the Atlantis team to a planet where he and his men captured John Sheppard. Transported to a secret Genii base Sheppard was offered to Atlantis in trade for Ladon, who Kolya looked upon as a traitor after his successful coup. As an incentive Kolya allowed a captive Wraith to feed on Sheppard, a little at a time, live over a video link to Atlantis.

Kolya escapes through the Stargate. From "Common Ground."

Elizabeth Weir refused the trade, despite having to watch the life being repeatedly sucked from Sheppard. Instead she allowed Ladon to return to his homeworld so that he could find out where Kolya's hidden base was. Sheppard, in the meantime, made a pact with the Wraith and the two managed to escape, though John was badly weakened by being fed on and the Wraith injured by gunfire. The two managed to avoid recapture and the Wraith, fully healed after feeding on some Genii, shocked Sheppard when he reversed the feeding process and restored him to full strength. At the same time a Puddle Jumper containing a strike force from Atlantis came through the gate, Ladon Radim having been true to his word and supplied the base's location. Kolya, realizing his plan had failed, escaped through the Stargate with his remaining men.

A while after, Sheppard and his team traveled to a planet, hoping to open lines of communication and trade with the people who live there. In the village they find Lucius Lavin pretending to be a "Hero" by means of an Ancient personal shield emitter. He staged an attack on the village by hiring some men to pretend to attack him. These men were former Genii soldiers and, when they realized who the visitors to the village were, they contacted their old commander.

Kolya refuses to surrender. From "Irresponsible."

Kolya arrived with a small force and captured Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, Carson Beckett and Rodney McKay. He revealed to them that he wanted to trade them back to Elizabeth Weir for weapons, ammunition and explosives so that he could mount a coup against Ladon Radim. He also wanted Sheppard to come out of hiding so that he could kill him. Sheppard obliged and Kolya and his men opened fire. Sheppard, however, was wearing Lucius's shield emitter and was unharmed. The shield ran out of power as Kolya and his men were reloading, but the villagers, armed with whatever they could lay their hands on and led by Lucius, intervened and captured the Genii force.

Kolya refused to surrender, however, and he and Sheppard drew their sidearms in an old-fashioned quick draw gunfight. Sheppard was the faster of the two and he shot Kolya dead.

Sheppard was amazed, a couple of years later after killing Kolya, to find himself a captive of the man once again. He tortured Sheppard for his I.D.C. code and, when John refused to co-operate, cut off his left hand. Sheppard escaped only to find himself hanging off a cliff, unable to climb because of his missing hand. Kolya arrived and told him that his hand was never removed then explained that he was, in fact, a projection from a Sekkari seed carrier.


PLAYED BY - Robert Davi


The Storm - Chief Cowen orders Kolya and his forces to attack Atlantis and hold it for the Genii.
The Eye - Kolya and a handful of his men evacuate the city after failing to prevent a hurricane from destroying it.
The Brotherhood - Kolya and his men meet Sheppard's team on the planet Dagon, where they attempt to steal a Zero Point Module -- until the locals steal it back.
Coup D'etat - Commander Kolya is missing and presumed dead when Ladon Radim executes a bold take-over of the Genii.
Common Ground - Infuriated by the betrayal of Ladon Radim, Kolya captures Colonel Sheppard and uses a Wraith to slowly torture him, demanding that Atlantis hand over Ladon to him.
Irresponsible - Out for revenge, Kolya confronts Sheppard in the village where Lucius Lavin is now living.
Remnants - Sheppard is amazed to find himself face to face with a man he thought dead, but things are not as they seem.