Lucius's people

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A small colony of inhabitants on Lucius's planet in the Pegasus Galaxy. Originally hated by many of the people in his village, Lucius Lavin -- a baker -- stumbled across an interesting herb on M6H-491, and began to mix some of it into his bread products. Soon he discovered an interesting side effect: his people were becoming more attached to him. This grew into an obsession until he was the most popular man in the town. Lucius manipulated his fellow townspeople this way for years, eventually creating a liquid out of the herb that he himself could ingest.

When gone for a certain period of time, his people began to suffer from a form of depression, one that was not life threatening, but certainly unhealthy. Eventually, John Sheppard of the Atlantis expedition uncovered the truth for himself, and delivered an antidote concocted by Carson Beckett into the population.


HOMEWORLD - Lucius's planet
FIRST APPEARED - Irresistible


Irresistible - Sheppard's team visits a planet hoping to harvest its Stargate, but instead found a population governed by Lucius Lavin.