Malcolm Barrett

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An N.I.D. agent sent on missions of the utmost importance regarding the internal security of the United States government. Barrett is an example of the N.I.D.'s upright and legal operations, proving that not all agents under the banner of the organization support its illegal and black-ops projects.

Successful at capturing Sam and Daniel to prevent exposure to members of Martin Lloyd's race, Barrett proved himself trustworthy after the incident when rogue N.I.D. agents managed to hijack the Prometheus -- Earth's first interstellar spacecraft. Barrett was called to the White House and given a special assignment, ordered to track down the shadow group pulling the strings behind the N.I.D.'s rogue arm, and bring them to justice. In the process he blackmailed Senator Kinsey, who spilled a considerable amount of information leading to the arrest of "The Committee."

Barrett has a personal interest in Samantha Carter, though she was seeing someone else when he worked up the nerve to ask her out.


PLAYED BY - Peter Flemming
FIRST APPEARED - Wormhole X-Treme!


Wormhole X-Treme! - Malcolm Barrett leads the team attempting to trace the whereabouts of the members of Martin's race, in order to acquire their advanced ship that is heading for Earth.
Smoke and Mirrors - Barrett and Major Carter use alien technology to expose the Committee, a group of powerful businessmen commanding the N.I.D.'s rogue group.
Heroes, Part 2 - Agent Barrett faxes an internal N.I.D. memo to Carter explaining that, as far as he knows, Agent Woolsey is clean -- but no friend of the S.G.C.
Resurrection - Barrett summons SG-1 to a recently discovered rogue N.I.D. facility in L.A., where a scientist has successfully engineered a Goa'uld-human hybrid.
Critical Mass - Agent Barrett arrives at Stargate Command to inform General Landry that a Trust operative has planted a bomb in the city of Atlantis, ensuring the Wraith will never have to contend with them.
Miller's Crossing - Barrett assists in the search for Rodney McKay and his sister Jeannie after they are kidnapped.