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Hoffan citizen who possessed an incurable illness that even Earth physicians were unable to cure. Determined to die with a purpose, Merell volunteered himself to be the test subject who would be injected with the Hoffan drug, to determine its effectiveness in preventing a Wraith from feeding on a human.

To the delight of the scientists and population, the drug allowed Merell to be spared from "Steve's" life-absorption process. Immediately after the Wraith's failed feeding Steve began to feel an unusual change that even he could not describe. Soon he was dead. Not only did the drug prevent the feeding, but it sent the drug back into the Wraith, which killed him.

Merell soon fell ill as well, however. Several of the population had already been administered the drug. Merell's illness was incurable, and he was the first to die. Soon fifty percent of all the Hoffans who took the drug grew ill and died. Despite these statistics, Chancellor Druhin and an overwhelming majority of the Hoffans voted to continue the administration of the drug, vowing the Wraith would one day be irredeemably affected by Hoffan resolve.


PLAYED BY - Neil Maffin
FIRST APPEARED - Poisoning the Well


Poisoning the Well - Merell volunteers himself to take the experimental Hoffan drug, and soon discovers he can withstand a feeding -- but with unexpected consequences.