Ori satellite weapon

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Ori weapon constructed with Tegalan technologies, specifically built to assure the Rand Protectorate's rule over the Caledonian Federation. The designs were given to the Rand by a Prior, who ensured their compliance through its creation by presenting the people with the schematics in stages.

Powered by an unknown energy source, the weapon possessed Ori shielding (though Caledonia never possessed space-capable weaponry), a sensor array, and a primary weapon. This weapon was powerful enough to break through Asgard defenses.

President Nadal of Rand used the satellite weapon to cripple the Prometheus, and eventually destroy it, killing more than 39 crew members.


Ethon - Nadal uses his Ori weapon on the Prometheus, destroying the ship, and eventually turns the weapon on Caledonia, but not before Commander Pernaux prevents him from decimating the opposing nation.