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A peaceful and advanced culture whose ancestors managed to eventually escape from the threat of the Goa'uld. The people of the planet Orban are descendants of Earth's ancient Teotihuacan civilization. It is believed the Goa'uld came down upon the Teotihuacan and transplanted them to Orban to live as slaves, leading to the downfall of their civilization on Earth.

The people of Orban have developed nano-technology, as well as an advanced generator powered by the element naquadah. Thanks to an exchange of information with Orban, Stargate Command was able to reverse engineer this device to construct their own naquadah generator.

The Orbanians' nano-technology has allowed them to designate Urrones, children specifically conceived to harbor nanites to collect and store knowledge, later to be dispensed into each member of the society following the Averium.

The people of Orban did not consider educating their young after the Averium, but Jack O'Neill taught the young Urrone, Merrin, that such a future could be possible. Because Merrin learned this information, it was copied into her nanites and given to her people, who implemented these Earth ideas almost immediately following her Averium.


FIRST APPEARED - Learning Curve


Learning Curve - SG-1 begins trade agreements with the people of Orban, learning some unsettling news about how the people treat their post-Averium young.