Naquadah generator

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Advanced power generation unit reverse-engineered from alien technology, and widely used by Stargate Command and the Atlantis expedition (and related Earth research). The generator is powered by a small amount of the mineral naquadah, and runs cleanly with a significant output of energy.

The technology was derived from the initial naquadah reactor developed by Samantha Carter, who had been given the opportunity to study the generator technology developed by the Orbanians.

A single generator can be used to power a Stargate without a D.H.D. for manual dial-out, and has also been adapted to power many other devices (often of alien origin) -- including the modified virtual reality unit and Merlin's phase device. A smaller version of the unit has been adapted to power a hand-held rifle weapon, the X-699 plasma cannon. The technology has been heavily relied upon by the Atlantis expedition to supplement the Z.P.M. power systems of the Ancient city in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.

A naquadah generator can also be set to overload, resulting in a sizable explosion.

A miniature version of the generator was adapted to power the X-699 plasma cannon, an energy weapon developed by Earth scientists.


Learning Curve - Earth's prototype naquadah reactor is developed when the Orbanians share the technology with Stargate Command.
Lifeboat - Carter brings a naquadah generator to P2A-347 to recharge the power systems of the Stromos and revive the individuals sleeping Talthuns within.
Space Race - The S.G.C. loans Warrick a small-scale naquadah reactor to power his ship, the Seberus, in the 59th Loop of Kon Garat. Carter accompanies the device to participate in the race.
Lost City, Part 2 - O'Neill requires a small naquadah generator to modify the rings on a Tel'tak bound for Proclarush. He eventually the uses device he builds to drill a hole in the ice of Antarctica, gaining access to the Ancient outpost of Atlantus.
Rising, Part 1 - The Atlantis expedition brings naquadah generators to the Pegasus Galaxy, where they are used to power the lost city of the Ancients -- though they can't come close to matching the power output of Zero Point Modules.
The Siege, Part 2 - A team from Earth delivers a Mark II naquadah generator from Earth, capable of outputting 600 percent more power by operating at a state of near overload.
Critical Mass - To prevent dialing the gate to Earth, Atlantis's Z.P.M. is disconnected, and the city's power needs temporarily met by naquadah generators.
Ethon - Carter and Captain Marks attempt to rig a naquadah reactor to augment the damaged Prometheus's sub-light drive, but the ship is destroyed before they can implement their work.
Line In the Sand - Sam uses a naquadah generator to power Merlin's phase technology, putting her and Mitchell out of phase when the Ori invade a village.
The Road Not Taken - While experimenting further with the generator-powered phase technology, Sam is pulled into a parallel reality.
Bounty - At a scientific conference Samantha Carter presents the naquadah-powered X-699 plasma cannon, and field tests the weapon by stunning an alien assassin.