People of P8X-412

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A primitive culture that suffered under the heel of Goa'uld dominion, particularly that of Qetesh, who forced them to work in harsh conditions in naquadah mines on the world. When the people were unable to meet her demands Qetesh ordered mass executions and mass tortures of the people.

Vala Mal Doran, no longer a host to Qetesh, returned to the people and masqueraded as the goddess with the use of a Voice modulator. For a period of four years she occasionally stepped in to reassure her control of the planet, and even ordered a planet-wide forced labor to continue mining the naquadah.

It is a culmination of these actions that the people are still poverty-stricken. Though up until recently many still believed in the power and benevolence of Qetesh, a Prior of the Ori arrived on the world through the Stargate to spread Origin, converting several to the beliefs.

Vala, who was intent on returning to retake the treasures that belonged to her, was forced by Dr. Daniel Jackson to tell the truth, that she was no longer the Goa'uld Qetesh. This eventually instigated a "Mal Doran" trial, where she was sentenced to life imprisonment, but when a great sickness swept through the village Vala made use of a Goa'uld healing device to cure them. It was only after this that she was forgiven of her wrongdoings.

Eventually a Prior returned and cured the village using his staff, declaring it the will of the Ori. This was only after the entire village submitted to the authority of the ascended beings.


FIRST APPEARED - The Powers That Be


The Powers That Be -The inhabiants of P8X-412 are greeted by the return of their goddess, Qetesh, mere days after an Ori Prior arrived to spread the word of her heresy.