People of P9C-882

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People of P9C-882 who became a target of the Ori and candidates for Origin after they had earned their freedom from Goa'uld rule. Not wishing to submit to false gods once again, the village leader, Thilana, agreed to work with SG-1 to conceal the village with Merlin's computer, rather than obey the Prior's request to build an Ara.

For years the people recorded their true history in secret, beyond the eyes of the Goa'uld. In irony, the room which housed their legacy was used to store Merlin's device.

The first attempt to avoid the Ori was unsuccessful, and many villagers who rose to fight them were executed. The village as a whole eventually capitulated, but the Prior in charge of the battalion refused to grant them mercy, and elected to destroy the village from orbit. Only moments before the beam struck, Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Colonel Samantha Carter managed to widen the dimensional field enough to encompass the whole village.


FIRST APPEARED - Line in the Sand


Line in the Sand - The people of P9C-882 are once again subjugated by an overwhelming menace, and must call upon friends from Stargate Command to help protect them.