People of the Land of Light

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People in the Land of Light live on a world where part of the planet never goes dark, and part never sees sunlight. For years the people of the Land of Light lived in the lap of luxury, but the riches around them could not make up for the emptiness in their hearts. Many of their friends and loved ones had succumbed to a dark and mysterious evil. In the eyes of the Untouched", the Touched" essentially were dead to them.

Anyone who had been touched resided on the dark half of the planet, where the Stargate resides. This remained true until travelers of the Tau'ri, SG-1, arrived, uncovering the truth that lay within the very genetic makeup of the people: those with histamine in their systems fell victim to a planet-wide virus. This virus defined the Touched, and forced them to seclude themselves on the dark side where they succumbed to their primitive, Neanderthal tendencies.

Dr. Janet Fraiser, realizing the issue was histamine, provided a vaccine with antihistamines, allowing the Touched to return to their loved ones and the world they knew. Since then, the people of the Land of Light have been very welcoming of the Tau'ri. At one point they offered their lands to a group of Tollan refugees -- who refused, thinking they were too primitive. Less than a year later, however, they adopted two Jaffa, (Teal'c's wife Drey'auc and son Rya'c) at the S.G.C.'s request, hiding them away from Goa'uld oppression.

The culture of the Land of Light has Mesopotamian origins, represented in its icons and relics particularly by the bull. It is present in their meeting halls and social areas. They believe very strongly that a single drop of blood is very sacred, and that the "life force" should never be removed from the body.


HOMEWORLD - Land of Light
FIRST APPEARED - The Broca Divide


The Broca Divide - SG-1 encounters Tupelo and the people of the Land of Light, whose culture is based on ancient Mesopotamian, and help them cure a disease that has taken their loved ones from them.
Enigma - Tupelo offers the Land of Light as a new home to a group of Tollan refugees, but they refuse -- telling them that they are too primitive.
Family - Rescued from Apophis on Chulak, Teal'c's wife and son are sent to live in safety with the people of the Land of Light.