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A team operating out of Stargate Command within Cheyenne Mountain, believed to be the second team comprised of members of the U.S. Marines Corps (after SG-3). One incarnation of this unit was completely wiped out by an alien light emitter.

Members of SG-5 include (or have included):
Altman (Team Leader)
Harper (Likely Team Leader, though unconfirmed)


The Nox - SG-5 journeys to P3C-117 during a visit from a government official.
The Serpent's Lair - Samuels, pleased with the design of his "Goa'uld busters," declares they are armed with elementary naquadah from one of SG-5's recovery missions.
Show and Tell - SG units 5 and 14 are on missions when the Re'tu-human, Charlie, arrives at Stargate Command.
1969 - SG-5 travels to P2X-555 to complete a mission SG-1 was scheduled to complete, having been sent back in time.
Into the Fire - SG-5 journeys to a planet under Hathor's control in hopes of retrieving SG-1.
Scorched Earth - SG-5 is assigned to search for another world suitable for Enkaran habitation.
The Light - All members of SG-5 are killed in the Goa'uld version of an opium den.
48 Hours - SG-5 is one of the teams trapped off-world when Teal'c's pattern is believed stuck in the memory of the Stargate. They manage to get home through the Russian's Egyptian gate.
Fallen - SG-5 travels to Vis Uban in hopes of locating the Lost Citry of the Ancients, but instead find Daniel Jackson and several nomadic travelers.
Heroes, Part 1 - SG-5 joins forces with several other units to go in and extract SG-13 from P3X-666.
Heroes, Part 2 - SG-5 continues their mission on P3X-666.
Lost City, Part 1 - SG-5 helps secure the Stargate on P3X-439.
Zero Hour - SG-5 is instructed to escort Amran delegates back to Stargate Command to commence negotiations.
Prototype - SG-5 provides backup to SG-1 on P3X-584.