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Ver Isca's Ori administrator and local barkeeper. Seevis carried a reputation for being a staunch Ori follower with no compassion when it came to nonbelievers. If he found anyone who was straying from the path of Origin, his punishments were known to be severe, including placing heretics on the Ara and depriving them of food and water.

In reality, Seevis was the leader of the anti-Ori underground, using his position as administrator for a cover. Once he had sufficiently tested Vala Mal Doran of her true nature, he revealed this to her, as well as his plans for destroying a fleet of Ori warships (and those present).

For reasons unknown the sabotage failed. Seevis, fellow rebel Denya, and Vala returned to the bar to allow Vala to warn her Milky Way colleagues with a smuggled Ancient long range communication device. But Vala's husband Tomin discovered them and killed Seevis and Denya -- very nearly taking Vala's life as well.


PLAYED BY - Michael Ironside


Crusade - Seevis tests Vala for several days on the Ara before revealing himself to be the leader of the anti-Ori underground.