Stasis jar

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A small, unassuming jar that serves as a long-term prison for Goa'uld symbiotes. Outside, the jar appears to be simple ceramic. But inside it is equipped with Goa'uld technology: a small, radioactive isotope is installed within the jar to keep a symbiote alive and healthily imprisoned indefinitely.

The Goa'uld Osiris and Isis were banished in such jars for thousands of years by Seth. It is also believed that Ra exiled his previous ally, Sekhmet, in a similar jar after he discovered she had been plotting against him. On the planet Pangar he did the same with his enemy Egeria, who began the Tok'ra resistance movement some two millennia ago.

See also: Isis jar, Osiris jar


The Curse - The Stewart Expedition carries the canopic jars of Osiris and Isis to Dr. Jordan's research facility in Chicago, eventually unleashing Osiris himself. But the Isis Jar is damaged during transport, killing the symbiote.
Cure - The Pangarans reveal that they found a stasis jar in a buried temple some 50 years ago, and found the Tok'ra queen Egeria still alive inside.
Resurrection - A canopic jar containing the Goa'uld Sekhmet is recovered by the Germans, and eventually makes its way into the hands of rogue N.I.D. scientists.