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Talthun sleeper ship, one of three containing more than one thousand individuals each from the destroyed world of Talthus. The Stromos was of a rugged design, with four long, cylindrical chambers at its rear that contained the cryogenic sleep chambers. It was equipped with defensive technology capable of rendering life forms unconscious for indeterminate periods of time. The vessel was entirely automated after the ship left the range of the Talthun sun's solar flare, bound for the Talthuns' new home world of Ardena.

The Stromos crash-landed on P2A-347, and automatically revived Officer Pharrin to solve the problem of failing power. As the sleeper chambers began to fail, Pharrin was forced to begin transferring the consciousnesses of the passengers into his own mind. After 12 years of waiting for aid from the other ships, SG-1 arrived with a naquadah reactor to power the vessel and re-awaken the crew to search for a new home world through the Stargate.


USED BY - Talthuns


Lifeboat - SG-1 discovers the Stromos on P2A-347, and are alarmed by a security feature that renders the team unconscious.